Artists from Boracay Paint Portraits Inspired by Anne Curtis

July 20, 2022

Boracay Local Artists Unite

Life and art will always find a way, whether in the midst of the city or in one happy corner of the country’s famed island-paradise. That’s why it comes as no surprise that many artists have packed their bags and moved to the pristine shores of Boracay. There is just something about this tropical paradise that awakens the creativity in people’s hearts, prompting them to create striking and thought-provoking works of art.

Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay recently hosted an event that brought the creativity of the island’s artists to the fore, serving to cement its growing reputation as one of the most culture-savvy and creativity-driven properties in the Chroma Hospitality portfolio.

The event, a portrait reveal featuring five artists’ different perspectives of actress Anne Curtis, was done in collaboration with the organization Island Artists Boracay and Curtis’ beauty brand BLK Cosmetics. Participating artists included veteran musician and painter Boy Ignacio; broadcaster and contemporary artist Alan C. Palma; Angono-born arts educator Eric Egualada; Mindoro-born visual artist Japs Avelino; and, much to the surprise and delight of guests, Crimson Boracay’s new General Manager Patrick Manthe.

Each of the artists who participated presented Curtis in her different aspects as a creative individual, a woman and a mother. These included the following works:

• Ignacio’s rendition of Curtis’ portrait in soft yet vibrant pastels, which captured her free-spirited nature;

• Palma’s 14×18-inch oil on canvas, which the artist describes as “You’re Not Bronze; You’re Not Silver; You’re Gold” – a visual allusion to Curtis’ reputation as one of the brightest personalities in the local entertainment scene;

• Egualada’s eclectic portrait, which incorporated elements of Impressionism and Cubism to capture the actress’ transition from singlehood to motherhood; 

• Avelino’s tribute to Curtis’ journey into motherhood, featuring symbolic imagery as an expression of fecundity and growth; and

• Manthe’s powerful monochromatic portrait set upon a golden background, capturing the subject’s strong and vivid personality.


Curtis herself was present during the portrait reveal and was both touched and delighted by the way each of the artists captured a different facet of her life and personality.

“I want to thank each and every one [for the time and effort that you showed me today,]” she said during the event. “I truly appreciate your efforts; each of these [is now] etched on my mind and my heart. It was lovely to hear the stories behind each work and the inspiration that made you come up with these beautiful portraits.”

According to GM Manthe, the event is the first of several art-centric initiatives planned; these creative activities are also geared towards providing unique sensory experiences for its guests. For the artistic GM, these events are both a way of supporting the local creative community, as well as a way of presenting different creative fields to those coming to Boracay. 

As Manthe puts it, “Apart from supporting the local artists, my idea is to offer services that are inspired by creativity: ways of showcasing various artistic disciplines such as the visual arts, music and fashion, among others.”