Crimson Boracay is Bluer Than Blue

July 21, 2022

More Than 50 Shades of Blue...

Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay is perched on the very private Station Zero of the island. The skies were blue, the seas, teal, deepening into shades of cobalt near the horizon. The pools (over 40 of them, of various sizes), from the main pool to the infinity pools and the private villa pools, were waves of aquamarine and turquoise.  No wonder the different clusters of buildings of this luxury resort go by the names “Indigo,” “Cobalt,” and “Teal,” to name a few.

Because the Crimson beachfront is a cove jealously guarded by two big verdant rock formations that seem to double as natural sentinels, it is very private. It is a seascape waiting to be painted.  Except for hotel guests frolicking in the waters or in the huge pool a few meters above it, Crimson’s beachfront is as exclusive as it gets, though it is open to other swimmers on the island. To those who want to escape the madding crowd, this is the beach.

On Saturdays, the resort holds a foam party in the main pool for those who want to make a splash and have early cocktails by the pool bar.

At any time you could cocoon in its Aum Spa, which is like a boutique hotel on its own, and have a traditional 90-minute hilot.

Or you can just enjoy your room. The resort’s sea view suites have floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, a balcony where you can sip your favorite drink and watch the sky turn from blue to teal to dark denim blue.

“Since travel restrictions were lifted early this year, Crimson Boracay has been experiencing a very good comeback,” says Carmela Hidalgo-Bocanegra, vice president for sales and marketing of Chroma Hospitality, to which Crimson belongs. If you will recall, Boracay was shut down for rehabilitation before the pandemic, and, like the rest of the world, was on a strict lockdown several times in the two years after.

The Crimson Boracay beachfront is a seascape waiting to be painted.

Now that it has reopened with safety protocols in place (each tourist has to get a QR code before being allowed entry into the island), “Phones have not stopped ringing, e-mails keep coming and the resort is back with so many guests. Our occupancies have increased tremendously. And this is just local travelers at the moment!” says Carmela of the resort. But the future looks bright and crimson.

“With international travelers soon to come, there is no doubt the future looks bullish and brighter than ever. Crimson Boracay will capture the world and make the Philippines proud of this world-class destination,” promises Carmela.

Just like the symphonies of sun, wind and waves in the resort are never rehearsed, but are always riveting performances, day and night — in more than 50 shades of blue as backdrop.