Crimson Boracay - Poised to Become the Island's Arts and Culture Haven

July 21, 2022

Guests Longing for a Different Form of Escape Could do so by Dabbling in the Arts

Stepping inside Crimson Resort & Spa Boracay immediately gives the impression that the people behind it—the Gotianuns—know art has the power to transform spaces. Paintings and unique accents adorn the interiors, adding pops of color and personality to the restaurants, the corridors, the spa, and the well-appointed rooms and villas.

The overall feel is “contemporary yet distinctly Filipino,” says Francis Gotianun, senior vice president of Filinvest Hospitality Corporation. The geometric patterns that dominate the property were inspired by the local banig. The motif was applied in different ways and mediums, creating an overall theme for the resort.

The 2.9-hectare Crimson property, located at Boracay’s exclusive Station Zero, is not only a dream hideaway but very conducive to contemplation and creation, like making art. In fact, according to general manager Patrick Manthe, Crimson Boracay is actually poised to become the island’s artists’ haven.

Crimson Boracay's art studio houses the works of its artist-in-residence Eric Egualada.

Crimson Boracay also occasionally holds an event called Art on a Plate. Here, guests get to enjoy a special five-course meal while watching Egualada paint. This is usually accompanied by guest performances by musicians, dancers, or singers.

There are more activities in the pipeline for Crimson’s art and culture programme—a photography workshop, a music festival, an arts and crafts fair. Manthe says this could be a good opportunity for the island to establish a new identity after its closure and rehabilitation. “Other than being a party destination, I think arts and culture should definitely be part of [its identity],” says the GM.