Crimson Resort Is the First in Boracay to Have an Arts Program, Holds its First Exhibition on the Island

July 20, 2022

Crimson Boracay presents a new generation of talents in an exhibition

While renowned for the excellence of its amenities, cuisine, and services, Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay is steadily making a name for itself not just as a world-class resort in the heart of paradise, but as a center for the arts as well.

Under the auspices of its General Manager Patrick Manthe, a man who has a great love for the arts, Crimson Boracay is the first resort in the region to initiate an arts and culture program as a way of encouraging fresh talents to make the most of their imagination. Visual artist Eric Egualada is the program’s current artist-in-residence and he has been active in imparting his knowledge about creative pursuits in classes for both guests and aspiring painters within the region.

That said, Crimson Boracay is proud to present the work of Egualada’s protégés in an exhibition titled Arts in Youth. Featuring the paintings of four local talents, the exhibition is currently being held at the mezzanine of Crimson’s Saffron Café and will be on display until Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

(L-R) Carl Lawrence Parohinog, Christine Lusegro, GM Patrick Manthe, Eric Egualada, JB Lusegro, Amiel Salvador

The four artists featured in the exhibition are:

Ilongga artist Christine May Lusegro is currently a freshman AA Studio Arts student at the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. Her training with Egualada has significantly expanded her creative horizons and she appreciates the fact that she was given a solid foundation in the visual arts. Learning at the art workshop has exposed her to numerous techniques for self-expression in the midst of calm and soothing surroundings;

He may currently be a Mathematics major at his college, But there is no question that JB Lusegro is a highly talented and creative individual. Prior to joining the art classes with Eric Egualada, he already had a body of work in various artistic disciplines including painting, graphic design, and charcoal portraiture;

Hailing from Aklan, Carl Lawrence Parohinog was inspired by Egualada’s admonition to “always put your passion first and everything will follow.” Parohinog recently graduated from senior high school at the Garcia College of Technology. He joined the workshop to have a more solid grounding in the visual arts and for more exposure to various techniques to improve his personal art style; and

Boracay native Amiel Lacambra Salvador says he found himself intimidated when he first came to the workshops, but has since built up his confidence in his talent and abilities. Currently a student in senior high school, Salvador says the experience has given him the opportunity to discover something new and something mesmerizing.

It is early days for the program, but the team behind the arts program at Crimson Boracay hopes that this exhibition will heighten awareness regarding the resort’s inclusion of creative pursuits in its already extensive range of on-site activities.

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