Genuine Hospitality by Francis Gotianun

April 26, 2024

Genuine Hospitality: Francis Gotianun finds fulfillment in empowering Filipinos to realize their dreams.

In an intimate conversation with Lifestyle Asia, the first senior vice president for Filinvest Hospitality Corporation (FHC), Francis Gotianun shares that his responsibilities span the entire lifecycle of Filinvest’s hospitality developments–from acquisition, overseeing renovation and construction, to asset management, and handling reinvestments. Some of these hospitality development brands include Crimson (located in Filinvest City, Mactan, and Boracay) and Quest (found in Cebu, Clark, and Tagaytay) under the management of one of the country’s leading hospitality management companies, Chroma Hospitality, Inc.

After graduating from Xavier School in San Juan, Francis earned his undergraduate degree in Commerce, specializing in marketing and international business at the University of Virginia. It was during his time at the McIntire School of Commerce and as he completed his Master’s in Business Administration at IESE Barcelona in 2010 that his interest in hospitality began to take shape. In the same year, he joined Filinvest Group, and two years later, he started working for FHC, coinciding with the corporation’s inception. This journey would align with the vision he had once penned as a school assignment, manifesting his early passion for the hospitality business.

“Sometimes, our early dreams become the blueprints for our professional paths, even if they were once just school assignments.”

“Our business objective back then, much like today, was to establish ourselves as the most valuable and admired hospitality company. We aimed to redefine Filipino hospitality with top-notch products and services to ensure our guests create meaningful memories,” Francis elaborates. FHC’s vision aligns with that of Filinvest Development Corporation: empowering Filipinos to realize their dreams. Their mission is to design, build, and manage hospitality venues that provide our guests with cherished and unforgettable experiences.

Francis and team are constantly grateful to guests for choosing Crimson: “From designing inviting spaces to stay, to serving memorable meals, and ensuring places to relax, create, and recharge, we’re committed to making every guest’s experience special and memorable.”

Francis intimates, “The pandemic was the toughest period for me, given the multitude of challenges it posed to the hospitality industry.” It was the unwavering support of family, friends, and colleagues that truly carried him through, with their encouragement instilling hope for brighter days ahead. The most compelling lesson from confronting the challenges is: “Even the toughest situations are temporary. By standing united and collaborating, we can surmount any obstacle.”

“It’s not just about a place to stay; it’s about creating moments and memories that our guests will cherish long after they’ve left.”

Francis Gotianun
Hotels and Resorts Head

The company stays open to change by listening to guests’ invaluable feedback and understanding their evolving needs and desires: “In essence, we’re always on our toes, striving to elevate our services and exceed expectations. Relevance is achieved by consistently delivering top-notch service, offering thoughtful products, and creating memorable experiences that truly delight our guests. Relevance is an outcome of consistent action.”